Welcome to the website of Toprocker and thanks for your visit!

We produce streetwear in Hamburg /GER and attach great importance to handwork.
Our designs are influenced by oldschool as well as modern biker culture.
In addition, the tattooscene inspires us as same as graffiti.

My first bike was the cheapest Kawasaki I could afford with my trainings salary.
The fact that I had messed up my school diploma before and was now a trainee at a petrol station for a low salary was no longer important to me.
I had bought that bike from my cousin’s friend and that was all that mattered!

At this time,I did the first attempts to print shirts for friends and me.
If I look at the old creations with which I went into a copyshop where I paid too much money to the bad-tempered salesman who printed with miserable folio prints on my shirts, I have to laugh.
But everyone always starts small and that was my starting shot.


At the Copyshop I saw this gadget for the first time, with which the seller pressed the designs on the shirts, which looked like a large iron.
I found this machine on the Internet under the search term transfer-press and a few days later, I bought a solid looking, used one at an auction.
For the price of the transfer press, I would have probably been able to order shirtprints one year in the Copyshop.
And actually I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do with the machine, but sometimes I make decisions that are based only on gut feeling.
Actually I produced the same result, which I had already bought in the Copyshop, with the only difference, that I had now pressed by myself the prints on the shirts.
The designs became better, so I also reaped a bit of enthusiasm from friends but the quality of the film-prints at this time was nothing to win a beauty prize with.


As I started to complete my school graduation after I finished my education, another cousin started working in a printing company and told me about silk screen printing.
When I got to know what the screen printing is and what is possible with it, I was immediately enthusiastic and wanted to learn it.
So I gradually collected all the things I needed to practice in my parents’ cellar and put my savings in screen printing inks, squeegees and screen printing frames
I studied books and built screen print constructions with my father, because I could not afford expensive printing gadgetry.

There were so many faulty prints that I could not count them any more and I went home every night frustrated.
In the following days, however, I was back in the basement after work and continued, driven by ambition.
Until the day, at which I finally achieved consistently good results!


At some point of time it felt like I had to name that project, because the inquiries about friends and acquaintances piled up and somehow I wanted to take a step more..
Every advertising professional would probably have suggested 100 more creative brand names, but as an absolute amateur in marketing, I had not thought about any marketing rules.
I liked the brand name TOPROCKER right away.
It reflected the biker influences, which one could recognize in the motives at this time and thus it remained thereby.

Since then, I have been producing streetwear with the brand name Toprocker, which is largely made by hand.
An onlineshop grew out of the screen-printing workshop and with time also grew a small TOPROCKER family.
We have the highest quality claims for our clothes and every day fun to print, sew and to pack the packages!
Meanwhile, we ship worldwide and every day we welcome your support and the pictures we get back from you!

There is nothing better than slipping in 5 freshly printed deadskull TOPROCKER hoodies, to jump on the motorcycles and split the road together
As long as we have this feeling, we continue and maybe the next chapter will follow soon ..

Until then
and best regards


Our first promotional attempt at the Harley Days in Hamburg

An older shirtdesign.
Left: The prepared screen printing frame.
Right: The finished product photo.

Our first print ad in the largest German biker magazine: BIKERS-NEWS

Before / After image of the decoration bin for our first sale at the Harley Days.

Our first sales stand at the Harley Days